Memorable Presentation Ideas 

Mashed Potato Cones
Chicken Saltimbocca Bites
Asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto and served in a shot glass on a round wooden serving platter.
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Spears
marinated party shrimp on square rustic skewers set in a shot glass on a black serving tray.
Marinated Party Shrimp
Asiago fried cheese balls on a stick set in a bright blue and black serving container
Asiago & Olive Fried Cheese Balls
Shrimp tempura on a skewer with a red ball inserted into a modern black skewer server.
Tempura Shrimp - Whipping Siphon

Add one of these arrangements to your next party.

Be unforgettable.

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Add That Special Touch to Create a Visual Experience

Gourmet deviled eggs with a creamy yellow filling topped with pancetta, chives and a parmesan crisp for a beautiful plating presentation
Gourmet Deviled Eggs
corned beef party puffs with creamed cheese filling in a choux pastry puff on a slate serving platte
Rye Party Puffs
Grilled beef satay on metal skewers with cilantro, scallions and red pepper as garnish on a white serving plate. There is a round black sauce dish with peanut sauce and Thai rice served as sides on the plate.
Grilled Beef Satay Skewers
Avocado, prosciutto, and quail egg bruschetta on a white serving platter with a green napkin.
Avocado, Egg and Prosciutto Bruschetta
Smoked crown baby back ribs filled with porter, bacon and jalapeno macaroni and cheese set on a wooden tree slab serving platter. There are chopped jalapenos and bacon in the foreground and a black hammered metal tray with a green cloth napkin in the background.
Smoked Crown Baby Backs
Herbed compound butter formed in a log with one slice set on a black rectangular slate serving plate. There are thyme sprigs and shallots in the background. The setting is on a farm house style wood table top.
Herbed Compound Butter

New Inspiration

Mini breakfast chorizo tarts in a white square appetizer dish on a wooden serving board.
Fancy Chorizo Tarts
sweetwater prawns wrapped in prosciutto and phyllo on a black wood serving plate.
Phyllo Wrapped Prawns
cooked garlic butter shrimp with tails on in a browned butter sauce and garnished with roughly chopped parsley
Garlic Butter Shrimp
California rolls cut into eight rounds on a rectangular white serving platter.
California Rolls
Chicken burritos supreme standing vertically on a round white plate with cheese sauce dripping down the side.
Chicken Burrito Surpreme

Boat & Picnic Take-Alongs

Hostess dip in a glass serving bowl with a wooden spoon.
Hostess Dip
Summer garden pizza layered with a cream cheese mixture and topped with broccoli florets, chopped red pepper, pepperoni, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese
Summer Pizza
Fried Chicken on a white serving platter with blue braiding around the edges. There are two ceramic lemons with leaves in each cover as well as a round sauce bowl attached to the plate.
Better than KFC Fried Chicken
Southern pimento cheese spread and dip with diced red pimento and green jalapeno peppers in a glass bowl sitting on a wooden board.
Southern Pimento Dip
California rolls cut into eight rounds on a rectangular white serving platter.
California Rolls

Outdoor gatherings start with delicious stress-free treats that are boat and picnic friendly.

Gourmet Grilling Recipes

Grilled ribeye with whipped horseradish cream sauce on a white serving plate.
Grilled Ribeye with Whipped Horseradish Sauce
grilled coriander shrimp with black bean cakes on a white platter with an orange coriander sauce and garnished with cilantro.
Grilled Coriander Shrimp with Black Bean Cakes
Ground steak burger with red onion and fried onion strings on a poppy seed bun with creamy sauce dripping down it onto a black round serving plate.
Steak Burgers with Au Poivre Sauce