Mini bottles with gold metal straws are filled with margaritas. Sitting next to them are mini tacos sitting in lime wedges. All of these are in a large round wooden serving platter.


Foodies are humans that eat food as a hobby.  This site is full of proven recipes that bring you deep layering of flavors and give you that “happy dance in my mouth” experience.  The goal is to save you time and inspire you for your next “wow” moment.


corned beef party puffs with creamed cheese filling in a choux pastry puff on a slate serving platter.

Chef de Froid

Chefs de Froid are highly skilled at snazzy food arrangements.  These experiences heighten our senses and bring excitement to the moment.  The world needs more “de Froiding,” so that is a big part of what you will find here.


Mini gyro appetizers on a white serving platter.

Elevate Your Gatherings

This is bigger than recipes.  You will find tips and tricks that create exciting food experiences! When you master the wizardry of a Foodie De Froid, your meals, gatherings, and parties will rise to a new level.  

Welcome to Foodie de Froid!

If you love real food, take pleasure in eating, and strive for mouth-watering flavor, you have come to the right place.  Here the star of the show IS the food, presenting it in a way that makes it shine.  

Hello, I'm Jeanne.

Jeanne sitting at the top of Lambeau Field

Thank you for visiting!  

Ten years in the catering, food, and events industries and over fifteen years as a customer experience and quality consultant have led me here.

My love for these industries began early in my career when I built a large service business.  I was fortunate as my top clients were executives of a meat producer for a renowned global franchise.  Here, I learned the power of food and the connection it can make with humans worldwide.

Food and experiences go hand in hand. I hope you’ll find inspiration here to share with the humans in your life.