Homemade Brat Burgers

Homemade brat pattie on a brioche bun with ketchup and course ground mustard. There are potato chips, pickles and greens as garnish on a white square plate.

Homemade Brat Burgers These homemade brat burgers are the real thing. Add spices to ground pork, form into patties, and serve brats to your humans any time of the year!   Make them into specialty “brats” by adding your favorite ingredients like jalapenos and cheddar. It’s easy to transform this recipe into party and game day […]

Smoked Chicken Salad on Brioche

Smoked chicken salad on a round brioche bun served on a round white serving plate with red grapes and parsley as a garnish.

Smoked Chicken Salad on Brioche This smoked chicken salad on Brioche is so delicious it could be served in a five-star hotel restaurant.  The mayonnaise-based dressing compliments the meat’s smokiness, the celery and scallions add freshness, while white wine vinegar and lemon juice offer a contrasting tang. This is a level (or three!) up from the […]

Braised Short Rib Sandwiches

Braised short rib sandwiches on a round black wooden serving plate topped with provolone cheese and caramelized onions on a square ciabatta bun. The plate is sitting on a farmhouse wooden table top.

Braised Short Rib Sandwiches Looking for a new recipe to wow your guests?  These braised short-rib sandwiches are nothing short of spectacular.   After caramelization and a hickory smoke, these short ribs are braised in red wine and coffee, giving the meat another dose of earthy and nutty flavors. Then the sandwich is topped with sweet […]

Chipotle Barbecue Rib Sandwich

Chipotle barbecue rib sandwich on a round wood serving platter set on a farmhouse wood serving board. The sandwich has a rustic square pick holding it together.

Chipotle Barbecue Rib Sandwich This Chipotle Barbecue Rib Sandwich is layered with flavor. It starts with an overnight marinade in a spicy paste. Then the ribs are baked low and slow until the meat is fall-apart tender. Next, the bones are pulled out, leaving you a slab of rib heaven! They’re finished with a Homemade […]

Steak Burgers with au Poivre Sauce

Ground steak burger with red onion and fried onion strings on a poppy seed bun with creamy sauce dripping down it onto a black round serving plate.

Steak Burgers with au Poivre Sauce These steak burgers with au poivre special sauce are a treat. The tender ground steak combined with the shallot-based sauce level this burger up. This sauce is so delicious and an ideal pairing with the flavorful meat patties.   Steak burgers tend to be large and can weigh up to […]

Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Supreme

Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Surpreme This Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Supreme carries a flavor profile like no other. Here we feature two specialty kinds of cheese, smoked cheddar, and Tennessee Whiskey Sartori. The bacon adds sweet smokiness from the Applewood, and pickled peppers finish the bite with salt and sour. Finally, the sandwich is finished […]

Cajun Root Beer Ham

Cajun root beer ham on a white serving plate on a gray marble platter. The surface is a wooden farm house table.

Cajun Root Beer Ham This Cajun root beer ham will transport you to the bayou without leaving your dinner table. Its spicy rub delivers flavor, while the root beer adds an earthy note with herbs and roots. This is one delicious ham! Ham and twice-baked potatoes are a match made in potato heaven.  When you […]

Fresh Ham Steak Sandwich with Maple Pineapple Sauce

Fresh ham steak sandwich with maple pineapple sauce on a fresh brioche burger bun on a white square serving plate. The plate also has potato chips and a pickle pineapple salad.

Fresh Ham Steak Sandwich with Maple Pineapple Sauce This Fresh Ham Steak Sandwich with Maple Pineapple Sauce is home-cured, resulting in an authentic ham sandwich with deep flavor. The sauce adds a sweet roasted maple profile, while the pineapple and white wine vinegar add brightness. Together, each bite is a “close your eyes” experience as […]

Grilled Seafood Burgers with Old Bay Mayonnaise

Grilled seafood sandwich with old bay seasoning on a hamburger bun with sliced dill pickles, radishes, and crisp lettuce. The burger is sitting on a round wooden plate with kraft paper underneath. The setting is on an old farmhouse wooden cutting board. There are also lemons in the background and a blue cloth napkin.

Grilled Seafood Burgers with Old Bay Mayonnaise Grilled seafood burgers with old bay mayonnaise are made with tender cod and sweet shrimp that imparts a pure seafood flavor. At the same time, the old bay mayonnaise highlights the seafood taste even further. The shrimp do double duty.  They act as a natural binder, eliminating the […]

Aged Asiago Steak Burgers

Aged asiago steak burgers on a white rectangular seving plate with red onion, lettuce, and French fries.

Aged Asiago Steak Burger These Aged Asiago Steak Burgers will change your take on spread cheese. The nutty asiago gently flows off a grilled burger made from ground savory steak cuts with buttery fat. Then layer on crispy red onions, creamy asiago, and crisp smoked bacon. Serve it on a pretzel roll and savor every […]