Hearty Beef Chili

Hearty Beef Chili This hearty beef chili is packed with flavor from roasted chilis and seasoned beef. It’s a perfect choice for an all-day slow-cook on cold or rainy days. This recipe also makes entertaining easy. Make a pot the day before your gathering and reheat before your guests arrive. Alter your chili, soup, and […]

Guinness Stout laced Wagyu Beef Stew

Guinness stout laced Wagyu beef stew in a white round bowl on a wooden cutting board.

Guinness Stout Laced Wagyu Beef Stew St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate this melt-in-your-mouth Guinness Spiked Wagyu Beef Stew! Tender chunks of Wagyu beef are simmered all day in Guinness stout alongside golden potatoes, onions, and bacon steak. If you don’t have Wagyu, you can substitute beef stew meat for a dish […]