Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Surpreme

This Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Supreme carries a flavor profile like no other. Here we feature two specialty kinds of cheese, smoked cheddar, and Tennessee Whiskey Sartori. The bacon adds sweet smokiness from the Applewood, and pickled peppers finish the bite with salt and sour. Finally, the sandwich is finished with creamy buffalo ranch sauce and jalapeno aioli. Easy and quick to make with unbeatable flavor.

gourmet deviled egg recipe featuring a creamy yellow filling topped with pancetta, chives and a parmesan crisp for a beautiful plating presentation

Ingredients can make or break any meal. This is why top chefs around the world shop locally for the best seasonal ingredients and create their menus around their finds.  You, too, can shop and eat like an award-winning chef.  Yet this can be stressful and unmanageable if it’s not our full-time job.  

Organically (no pun intended), my kitchen has evolved as I’ve sourced high-quality meats, dairy, veggies, condiments, and sauces that elevate even the simplest sandwich.  If I’m going to use up my calories, it better be delicious!  : )

De Froid Tip: Food Arrangement

Change the whole feel of your party by serving these gourmet deviled eggs on individual plates.  By adding a contrasting garnish, your visual presentation will pop!  In the photo below, I used sprigs of thyme from my container garden.  

Set your plates in a row across a long countertop.  As a result, you will visually increase the WOW factor.  Then watch your guests line up for the tasting experience.  Unquestionably you will create a memorable WOW moment for your guests!

deviled eggs placed on individual black slate small square plates on top of a lime green runner

Welcome to Foodie de Froid!

If you love real food, take pleasure in eating, and strive for mouth-watering flavor, you have come to the right place.  Here the star of the show IS the food, presenting it in a way that makes it shine.  

Tasting Experiences

We feature many appetizers and individual-sized recipes as a purposeful way to experience and share food.  

Our mouth reacts to flavors in a transitional way.  That first taste creates an exciting experience with the food’s intense flavors, textures, and visual appeal.  Yet after the first few bites, our mouths and minds adjust, and that experience deadens.  

Thus, the tasting experience!  We served 14 consecutive courses at my last tasting party.  Each was purposely selected to bring new flavors, textures, and presentations, creating surprises and wow moments throughout the night.

The Recipes

The recipes are documented with ingredients we love.  Yet my greatest hope is to have you understand why the recipes work and eventually make them into your personal version using your favorite ingredients and presentations.    

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