5 Easter Entertaining Ideas that Wow

Tablescapes are an artistic arrangement of objects and products on a table.  When done thoughtfully, the colors, textures, and items on them can provoke various emotions.  Because of this, the first rule with any party, gathering, or event is to define the emotion you want your guests to feel.



Green easter egg with arms, fluffy hair, red nose and cheeks, and black round eyes on a table with purple wrapped easter gifts and placesettings.



Please know you don’t have to purchase things for every tablescape.  Head to your sister’s or a friend’s house once you have a rough idea of what you want to accomplish.  See what fun items you can borrow and incorporate to make your statement and bring those emotions to life. I remember my Mom once had boots on the table, lol!

Tablescapes are a fun, creative outlet that will wow your guests, create lifelong memories, and give life to your party.  The more tips you learn and practice, the more confident you will become in them.


Idea #1: Color and Texture

Choose a bright Easter palette filled with color and texture to add excitement to a kid’s table.  In this example, you’ll find blue, pink, green, yellow, and purple, all in tones that complement each other.  Notice how the pop of white gives the table a sense of stability and pureness.  

The colorful egg creature with a fuzzy puff of hair and a bright pointy nose is an ideal choice for adding texture and depth to the table.  I found this little guy in four colors at Hobby Lobby, and they all made it to this table.  

The hand-wrapped personalized gift breeds more texture and shapes, as does the personalized hard-boiled egg.  All while adding a fun surprise element for each child.

Green easter egg with arms, fluffy hair, red nose and cheeks, and black round eyes on a table with purple wrapped easter gifts and placesettings.

Idea #2: Stay in Your Lane

I think we can agree this is a beautiful Easter cake.  I don’t enjoy baking.  And because of this, I purchased the cake from a local bakery.  Yet I do love to mold little creatures for toppings on both presents and desserts.  So this is where I spent my time.  It made the cake come to life, and I was an engaged, happy human. : )  If the toppers weren’t perfect, it made it all the more whimsical because the professional cake stood as the base.

 I also purchased the tulips as I am not a flower gardener.  Staying in your lane gives you the best chance of success and pleasure when entertaining.

Easter cake on a riser stand with two bunny toppers dressed in blue and pink sitting next to a bouquet of pink tulips in a pink metal vase.

Idea #3: Sophisticated Tablescape Color Selections

Choose one color and add various hues of it to bring sophistication to a table.  Imagine a black and white setting with tones of silver and gray.  Lavender was the main color focus here, and I added depth with different shades and textures of it in the tablecloth and gifts.  The floral arrangement made a focal statement as the only additional colors on the table.

Idea #4: Personalized Gifts and Folded Napkins

Selecting, wrapping, and decorating personalized gifts can be done months ahead.  Personalizing them with a stamped name tag adds an emotional touch, as our first name is the most repeated word we hear as a child. 

You can see from the images on my website that I strongly prefer masculine objects (stone, stamped metal, etc.).  Because of this, I always have to keep my guests and their experience top of mind.  

I would never choose lavender, satin, sparkly embellishments, or a napkin with intricate lace for myself.  Yet they were the perfect choices for the mood and emotion I hoped my guests would experience on this special Easter brunch.  Guessing from the joy on everyone’s faces, mission accomplished.

Personalized purple Easter tablescape gift with a lavendar bow and crystals on a folded white crocheted napkin.

Idea #5: Fun and Games

Be thoughtful about your guests.  Do you have someone coming who is an introverted thinker?  If so, include some games and challenges that allow for things other than social talk.  Yet everyone loves games and especially when there are prizes involved!    

This Easter brunch, my sweet niece Emily was the closest in guessing how many lavender-colored Jordan Almonds were in the oversized (eighteen-inch!) glass cylinder.  She won the bunny-topped basket filled with treats.  I will never forget her ear-to-ear, beaming smile! 

You can take things to another detailed level and hand a small envelope to every guest.  Inside provide a card to write their guess on.  Then let them place their guess and seal it into a “no one can touch” bowl.  This creates a fun, competitive environment as guests hide their guesses from each other.  😀

A final example is to toss a big fluffy stuffed bunny in a large empty ice bucket and place it in a sunlit corner, adding more texture and color to the room. It’s sure to be a hit and a conversation starter.

Welcome to Foodie de Froid!

If you love entertaining and making memorable moments for the humans in your life, you’ve come to the right place!  

The how-to posts are here to spark your creativity and inspire you to take on new challenges.  There is no “right way” here; instead, these ideas are intended to encourage you to make things that give you joy! 

Let’s have some fun shaking things up and creating those moments for the humans in our life that are simply unforgettable!

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