Baking bread is a science.  Because of this, accurate weights are required to achieve consistent and beautiful results.  Different locations and weather conditions have an impact on the weight of ingredients.  Therefore, all these proven recipes are written in grams to help you achieve excellent results and produce beautiful loaves and rolls.

large round loaf of rustic country bread with beautiful scoring and brown crust
Rustic Country Bread
Two loaves of Italian bread resting in a wooden tray with handles.
Italian Bread
Course-salted old-fashioned rye rolls wrapped in a white towel sitting in a woven basket.
Old Fashioned Rye Rolls
Golden brown German brotchen rolls tucked in a white cloth and sitting in a woven basket
German Brotchen Rolls
English muffins wrapped in a black napkin inside a woven basket.
English Muffins
Brioche burger buns in a woven basket with a blue cloth towel.
Brioche Burger Buns
greek pita bread layered on a wooden board
Greek Pita Bread
Dutch crunch rolls on a wooden cutting board.
Dutch Crust Rolls
Homemade everything bagels on a black round wooden serving plate. There is cream cheese in a small black bowl and a yellow cotton napkin in the background.
Homemade Everything Bagels
Argentinian steak sandwich with red peppers and provolone on a white rectangular serving plate.
Artisan French Hoagie Rolls
Pretzel buns on a black cooling rack on top of a wooden cutting board.
Hoagie rolls on a black cooling rack.
Soft Hoagie Rolls
Homemade white bread sliced on a wooden cutting board. There are three slices as well as the unsliced portion. One piece is buttered.
Homemade White Bread Recipe
quick bread artwork for recipe page

More coming soon!

Garden zucchini bread on a metal cooling rack with a green cloth napkin.
Garden Zucchini Bread

Quick bread is a canvas for fun shapes and presentations!