The spotlight of these recipes is the almighty egg.  Legend has it that the folds in a chef’s hat represent how many ways they could cook an egg.  Make a few egg recipes and add some folds to your hat.   

artwork for egg page
Gourmet deviled eggs with a creamy yellow filling topped with pancetta, chives and a parmesan crisp for a beautiful plating presentation
Gourmet Deviled Eggs
Avocado, prosciutto, and quail egg bruschetta on a white serving platter with a green napkin.
Avocado, Prosciutto and Quail Egg Bruschetta
Rustic quiche in individual ramekins on a wood platter.
Rustic Quiche
A meat lovers breakfast casserole topped with thick-cut bacon and cheddar cheese in a square white baking dish.
Bacon Overnight Breakfast Casserole
Quail egg chorizo skillet with potatoes, and orange peppers in a small cast iron skillet on a wooden cutting board.
Quail Egg Chorizo Breakfast Skillet
Pancetta ranchers egg cups with a cherry tomato in the center on a small white square serving plate garnished with dill.
Pancetta Ranchers
Scottish eggs sliced in half with creamy yellow yolks wrapped in breakfast sausage and served on a small black round wooden plate with parsley as garnish. The plate is set on a farmhouse wooden table.
Scottish Eggs
Chorizo tarts in tortillas set in individual serving bowls.
Hot to Trot Tarts
Quail eggs benedict on a white serving platter garnished with dill and lemon zest.
Quail Eggs Benedict
Garden breakfast burrito filled with sausage, eggs, vegetable salsa, and cheese served on a round white plate.
Garden Breakfast Burritos
Deviled quail eggs set on top of a caramelized onion crisp and set on a white rectangular serving plate with a red napkin on the side.
Deviled Quail Eggs on Caramelized Onion Crisps
Gourmet egg salad with capers in a round matte gray serving bowl with pumpernickel bread squares on the side.
Gourmet Egg Salad with Capers