Argentinian Steak Sandwich

Argentinian steak sandwich with red peppers and provolone on a white rectangular serving plate.

Argentinian Steak Sandwich This artisan Argentinian Steak Sandwich beautifully highlights the Teres Major cut of beef and its tender texture. Top that with char-grilled peppers and chimichurri sauce, and you have a gourmet sandwich in just over 30 minutes.  It is mouth-watering, delicious, and memorable. Now let’s talk chimichurri sauce.  If you’ve never had it, […]

Rustic Country Bread

large round loaf of rustic country bread with beautiful scoring and brown crust

Rustic Country Bread This rustic country bread is the real deal. Whole wheat and rye contribute to the bread’s full flavor, and the extra oven time gives the loaf its thick, flavorful crust.   The secret to this beautiful country loaf is the wet dough it produces.  Go into this wet dough world with vigor.  Do […]