Ultimate Party Spaghetti and Meatballs

Ultimate party jalapeno smoked meatballs set on spaghetti in a square white appetizer bowl.

Ultimate Party Spaghetti and Meatballs These ultimate party spaghetti and meatballs will become your new favorite party food. Each bite is loaded with layers of mouth-watering flavor and texture. And the show’s stars are double-smoked bacon and creamy Wisconsin cheddar cheese. First, the pasta is mixed with a creamy cheese sauce (think mac and cheese).  […]

Smoky Maple Squash Sausage Wraps

Smoky Maple Squash Sausage Wraps on a rectangular white serving plate with thyme sprigs as a garnish.

Smoky Maple Squash Sausage Wraps These smoky maple squash and sausage wraps are filled with nutty sweetness from an acorn squash puree and a savory filling of maple sausage links. Then they’re wrapped in a flour tortilla and finished with spiralized bacon. They are glazed with a hot pepper peach bourbon sauce that gives a […]

Porter, Bacon and Jalapeno Mac ‘n Cheese

Porter, bacon and jalapeno mad and cheese served in a crown of baby back ribs set on a wooden tree slab serving platter.

Porter, Bacon, and Jalapeno Mac ‘n Cheese This Porter Bacon & Jalapeno Mac and Cheese takes this classic dish to new flavor levels! Porter’s deep-roasted coffee flavors complement the rich, creamy cheese sauce, while the bacon adds smokiness and the jalapeno a welcomed spicy note.  This takes your basic Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese to new […]

Seven Layer Salad

Individual-sized seven layer salad topped with shredded cheddar and bacon slices on a small white round serving plate.

Seven Layer Salad This easy-to-make seven-layer salad is a classic for good reason. Yet this version is a game-changer.  We all have that one person we need to keep an eye on when bacon is involved! Because these are made individual-sized, everyone gets equal portions of the delicious layers of veggies, cheddar, and bacon! Salads, like […]

Smoky Broccoli Beer Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Smoky broccoli beer cheese stuffed chicken breasts served over rice. Garnished with sliced green onion and served on a round white serving plate sitting on a wooden cutting board with a handle.

Smoky Broccoli Beer Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts This smoky broccoli beer cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon gets an oozy surprise from the broccoli and spicy beer spread cheese stuffed inside it. This is quick and easy to make, yet don’t let that fool you. This is one flavorful gourmet, tasting dish! Looking at […]

Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Supreme

Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Surpreme This Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Supreme carries a flavor profile like no other. Here we feature two specialty kinds of cheese, smoked cheddar, and Tennessee Whiskey Sartori. The bacon adds sweet smokiness from the Applewood, and pickled peppers finish the bite with salt and sour. Finally, the sandwich is finished […]

Bacon Maple Carrots

Maple bacon carrots in a shot glass with maple syrup.

Bacon Maple Carrots Take your carrots to a new tasting level with these bacon-wrapped, maple-glazed roasted carrots. These are easy to prepare yet complex in flavor.  Caramelize the bacon with the maple syrup in the last 5 minutes of baking to achieve a flavor profile that will have your guests talking! Present them in a […]

Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Ultimate grilled chicken sandwich with Boursin cheese on a white serving plate.

Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich This Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich brings a flavor punch that will wow the humans in your life.  The secret marinade and basting sauce transforms a regular sandwich into pure indulgence.   An easy yet essential process drives the flavors. This chicken is marinated and soaked in a honey balsamic sauce with shallots […]

Bacon Overnight Breakfast Casserole

A meat lovers breakfast casserole topped with thick-cut bacon and cheddar cheese in a square white baking dish.

Bacon Overnight Breakfast Casserole This hearty bacon overnight breakfast casserole is as easy to make as the standard, yet it has a deep-flavor profile with a matching texture. It begins with a layer of large artisan bread cubes. Then add in creamy eggs, sharp cheddar, and thick-cut smoky bacon, and you have a ready-to-go morning […]

Smoky Cajun Cheddar and Jalapeno Meatballs

Smokey Cajun Cheddar and Jalapeno Meatballs These smoky Cajun cheddar and Jalapeno meatballs are packed with flavor.  They are a hit any time you have people gathering.  This recipe makes 24 balls, yet they disappear quickly!  The secret to these balls is the added sweetness and texture of the pineapple paired with the smokiness from […]