Sous Vide Hot Chicken Wings

Sous vide hot chicken wings on a serving platter with hot sauce drizzled over them puddling on the plate. There are celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing on the side.

Sous Vide Hot Chicken Wings These Sous Vide Hot Chicken Wings may change how you cook wings forever. The meat becomes so juicy and tender and doesn’t overcook. Grill or deep fry them at the end of the process to get that mouth-watering crispy skin. Wing connoisseurs will ask for your secret recipe, while people […]

Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Supreme

Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Surpreme This Wisconsin Favorites Chicken Club Supreme carries a flavor profile like no other. Here we feature two specialty kinds of cheese, smoked cheddar, and Tennessee Whiskey Sartori. The bacon adds sweet smokiness from the Applewood, and pickled peppers finish the bite with salt and sour. Finally, the sandwich is finished […]

Spice Rubbed Spatchcock Chicken

Spice Rubbed Spatchcock Chicken This Spice Rubbed Spatchcock Chicken is loaded with layers of texture, crispiness, and flavor.   This recipe calls for baking, yet you can easily transition this to a large skillet for pan frying or fire up the grill for a smoky result. Spatchcock chicken cooks more evenly because the backbone is removed, resulting […]

Feta Stuffed Chicken Burgers

Feta stuffed chicken burgers on a dutch crunch roll served on a white serving plate.

Feta Stuffed Chicken Burgers These feta-stuffed chicken burgers are ideal for a lighter burger craving. They are packed with flavor, are quick to make, and freeze well. They pair perfectly with savory Dutch Crust Buns.  The buns have dark sesame oil in both the dough and the crust, complementing the chicken burger while bringing deep […]

Better than KFC Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken on a white serving platter with blue braiding around the edges. There are two ceramic lemons with leaves in each cover as well as a round sauce bowl attached to the plate.

Better than KFC Fried Chicken This Better than KFC Fried Chicken is crispy and flavor-packed.  It’s brined for 24 hours.  From there, it’s layered with spiced breading and brine, creating a flavor profile that will get people talking! The beauty of this recipe is that the chicken stays crispy even after it’s cooled in the […]

Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Ultimate grilled chicken sandwich with Boursin cheese on a white serving plate.

Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich This Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich brings a flavor punch that will wow the humans in your life.  The secret marinade and basting sauce transforms a regular sandwich into pure indulgence.   An easy yet essential process drives the flavors. This chicken is marinated and soaked in a honey balsamic sauce with shallots […]

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Veggie Mulita

Buffalo ranch chicken mulita on a Mexican-inspired plate.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Veggie Mulita These Buffalo Ranch Chicken Veggie Mulitas turn a meal into a fun event!  They are healthy and packed with wonderful flavors and they make an exciting presentation! A mulita is the cousin of the quesadilla.  Instead of folding the tortilla over in half, you use two tortillas.  I find this […]

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs Buffalo chicken meatballs are easy to make.  Because they sit in the crockpot for two hours, they are a perfect choice for game day or a party.  They lend a no-fuss approach to your spread.  They also are pretty!  Drizzle ranch or bleu cheese dressing and add a festive note to the […]