Hostess Dip

Hostess dip in a glass serving bowl with a wooden spoon.

Hostess Dip This dip was handed down to me.  My Mom made this as far back as I can remember on special occasions, and now I understand why.  It’s the best.  It’s easy to put together yet packs a beautiful flavor profile with umami from Worcestershire sauce, acidity from fresh lemon juice, and spice from […]

Southern Pimento Cheese

Southern pimento cheese spread and dip with diced red pimento and green jalapeno peppers in a glass bowl sitting on a wooden board.

Southern Pimento Cheese Dip and Spread You get a two-for-one with this recipe. This is a flavor-packed dip that works perfectly on crackers. In addition, it is delicious as a melted spread on burgers, roast beef, and fried chicken sandwiches. There is something universally good about pimento cheese.  It’s been a southern staple since the […]