Gourmet Egg Salad with Capers

Gourmet egg salad with capers in a round matte gray serving bowl with pumpernickel bread squares on the side.

Gourmet Egg Salad with Capers With its bright, fresh flavor combination, this gourmet egg salad with capers will become your new favorite.  Perfect is my goal with every recipe, and it’s always with the understanding that it’s a goal that can be strived for but never achieved. This particular recipe for egg salad is about […]

Asiago Deviled Eggs

Five asiago deviled eggs on a black matte rectangular serving platter with cornichons and olives as a garnish.

Asiago Deviled Eggs These delicious and oh-so-creamy asiago deviled eggs are a party appetizer that wows. The asiago takes command, while the mustard and cayenne layer in a hint of spice. Next, the cornichon garnish adds acidity and texture for an overall superb deviled egg. Pine Valley in Newton, Wisconsin, makes my favorite go-to Asiago […]