Smoked Crown Baby Back Ribs

Smoked crown baby back ribs filled with porter, bacon and jalapeno macaroni and cheese set on a wooden tree slab serving platter. There are chopped jalapenos and bacon in the foreground and a black hammered metal tray with a green cloth napkin in the background.

Smoked Crown Baby Back Ribs These smoked crown baby back ribs will indeed wow your guests. Easy to form with kitchen twine, these baby backs turn a rack of ribs into a show-stopping presentation.   Smoked on a grill with hickory pellets, this bold-flavored rack pairs perfectly with Porter, Bacon, and Jalapeno Mac ‘n Cheese. […]

Chipotle Barbecue Rib Sandwich

Chipotle barbecue rib sandwich on a round wood serving platter set on a farmhouse wood serving board. The sandwich has a rustic square pick holding it together.

Chipotle Barbecue Rib Sandwich This Chipotle Barbecue Rib Sandwich is layered with flavor. It starts with an overnight marinade in a spicy paste. Then the ribs are baked low and slow until the meat is fall-apart tender. Next, the bones are pulled out, leaving you a slab of rib heaven! They’re finished with a Homemade […]

Cocktail BBQ Riblets

Cocktail BBQ Riblettes on a white serving platter.

Cocktail BBQ Riblets These Cocktail BBQ Riblets are so tender and layered with flavor.  This crockpot recipe is easy to make and perfect for a crowd.  You make them earlier in the day and finish them in a few minutes as your guests arrive. This makes them the perfect party appetizer!   These start with a […]