Salted Ice Cream Sundae

Salted ice cream sundae prepared on a salt block.

Salted Ice Cream Sundae This salted ice cream sundae is prepared on a salt block.  It makes for a fun and interactive experience for the humans in your life and brings your vanilla bean ice cream to new levels! Use your creativity and pantry items to build sundaes from everyone’s favorites.  Are strawberries in season?  […]

Salt-cured Candied Strawberries

Salt-cured candied strawberries on a gray round serving tray.

Salt-cured Candied Strawberries These salt-cured candied strawberries turn ripe fruit into a bold condensed flavor that will wow your guests.  They are cured between two salt blocks.  The pressure from that, along with the salt, removes water from the berry and leaves you with a memorable decadent treat. Serve the strawberries on an appetizer spoon […]