Crab and Shrimp Sushi Stacks

Crab and shrimp sushi stacks on a square white glossy serving plate with wasabi sauce plated in dots across the front edge.

Crab and Shrimp Sushi Stacks These Crab and Shrimp Sushi Stacks are easy to make and impressive to serve. The bonus is that they are delicious and nutritious! They are layered with rice that has a tang from rice wine vinegar, an avocado and veggie mix, and then topped with lumps of crab and shrimp […]

Spicy Shrimp with Roasted Chili Avocado Sauce

Spicy shrimp with roasted pepper avocado sauce. The shrimp are skewered with rustic picks and set on a white serving plate nestled in a larger black serving platter. The sauce is in a smaller gray round bowl.

Spicy Shrimp with Roasted Chili Avocado Sauce Spicy Shrimp with Roasted Chili Avocado Sauce is the perfect choice on a hot summer night. The cool and creamy sauce pairs beautifully with the spiced-up grilled shrimp.  I picked the Anaheim chili peppers from my garden and the sauce had a pure (and addicting!) fresh taste.   […]

Grilled Seafood Burgers with Old Bay Mayonnaise

Grilled seafood sandwich with old bay seasoning on a hamburger bun with sliced dill pickles, radishes, and crisp lettuce. The burger is sitting on a round wooden plate with kraft paper underneath. The setting is on an old farmhouse wooden cutting board. There are also lemons in the background and a blue cloth napkin.

Grilled Seafood Burgers with Old Bay Mayonnaise Grilled seafood burgers with old bay mayonnaise are made with tender cod and sweet shrimp that imparts a pure seafood flavor. At the same time, the old bay mayonnaise highlights the seafood taste even further. The shrimp do double duty.  They act as a natural binder, eliminating the […]

Marinated Party Shrimp

Marinated party shrimp on wooden skewers in a glass shot glass on a metal serving tray.

Marinated Party Shrimp These marinated party shrimp are addictive and belong on the beach or a black-tie affair. They are made the day ahead and served cold. What makes them special is the marinade.  The shrimp get a kick from Dijon Mustard and sweetness from the honey.  The seasoned rice wine vinegar gives it another […]

Tempura Shrimp – Whipping Siphon

Shrimp tempura on a skewer with a red ball inserted into a modern black skewer server.

Tempura Shrimp – Whipping Siphon These whipping siphon tempura shrimp are undeniably crispier and lighter than traditional tempura. Take your tempura to a new level by using a whipping siphon to make your batter.  It’s easy and creates perfect results every time! This recipe is for Shrimp, yet you can use the batter to make […]

Garlic Butter Shrimp

cooked garlic butter shrimp with tails on in a browned butter sauce and garnished with roughly chopped parsley

Quick Garlic Butter Shrimp This quick garlic butter shrimp is one of my most requested shellfish recipes.  Making this feels like cheating because it’s delicious and deeply flavored, yet easy and quick to make. Therefore, it’s an ideal appetizer for holidays, parties, and game days. The sauce is made with unsalted butter and garlic powder (no […]